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Thursday Analysis Update - 18.09.2014
Apologies for the derth of updates recently but it's been all hands to the pumps recently to get the data into a single, coherent whole as the Carron Restoration Project nears the end of it's current funding run.

However, this recent push has unearthed some interesting trinkets:

The data shows a statistically significant swing on the Carron from a majority male, grilse catch to a majority female, Multi Sea-Winter salmon catch. While these majorities may appear to be very narrow the trend is definitely significant and several different analyses of different aspects of the catch data have all pointed toawrds the same conclusion.

Future work on the Carron might look at tracking this trend and seeing if it is a complete reversal or part of longer periodic cycle that may swing back the other way given enough time ...

The work that Eric and Mark are doing with the modelling and genetic analyses are also starting to show some exciting, preliminary results. The genetic analyses, in particular, look like they might be showing several distinct genetic groups in the river and future work on this may be able to categorise these groups as stocked or unstocked/ wild, as belonging to a particular family (something which will help us to track how many stocked fish are returning to the river), or even as belonging to a particular part of the river (prooving or disprooving the idea local genetic populations).

These are certainly exciting times for the Carron ...
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